Month to Month

$35 Single + tax

$60 Joint

$75 Family

(up to 4 family members)

High School/College/Senior Citizens

$25 per month

(Auto renew only. Must Show proof of status. School ID Cards are not accepted. Senior Citizen age 60 and over.)

Month to Month With Group Classes

$50 + tax
Monthly Membership including 6 group classes

$60 + tax
Monthly Membership including 12 group classes

$70 + tax
Monthly Membership with unlimited group classes

Any unused classes DO NOT rollover to the following month

Special Pricing Options

Fred’s Appliance Students

$35 per student

3 weeks unlimited access to the gym

Does not include key card ($10 deposit required)

Lake Health Employees/Veteran/Active Duty/Reserves

15% off month to month auto renews

Personal Training Pricing

Each trainer has individual pricing packages dependent on how many training days a week, and length of training package. Personal Trainer Prices