New Wednesday BodyBlast Class & Friday BodyBlast Express Class







Amy Nakel will now be teaching our popular BodyBlast Class on Wednesday mornings from 9:15am – 10:00am starting September 5th!

She will also be starting an EXPRESS BodyBlast Class Friday’s from 9:15am – 9:45am so you can get in, get your workout in, and get on with your day feeling pumped and energized!

Not sure what BodyBlast is about? Read the description below:

Body Blast: This is a full body strength training class. Coached by certified trainers, it utilizes the basic weight training moves to help aid us in everyday body mechanics. This class is challenging and is designed for those who want to see a change in muscle, tone, and definition is the goal. The amount of weight used is decided by the participant. As muscle definition is achieved, metabolism gets a boost, followed by increased energy and self-confidence. The coaching will take you out of your comfort zone, enabling you to experience all the positive benefits of weight training. It is open to everyone, new and experienced.